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The Clony is a video that was made by Kevin and Ethan during an advertisement project.

The video editing for The Clony was a test of new editing software obtained by Kevin. The general synopsis of this ad was to show that a cloning device had been invented and it can be easily merged into everyday lives.

Script Edit

<Kevin playing Video Games>

Kevin: You know what this sucks I wish I had someone to play with!

<Ethan staring out a window>

Kevin: Ethan take out the trash!

Ethan: But I don’t wanna can’t somebody else do it!

Kevin: No it has to be you!

<Sad look on Ethan’s face>

<Kevin walking out of a store>

Kevin: I like love shopping it’s so awesome. <Kevin looks at his shirt> I wish I had another one of these shirts! I really do. If only there was some device that could make another one.

<All three scenes go into a Picture in Picture view>

Narrator: Has any of this ever happened to you?

Narrator: If so then you need the Clony!

Narrator: The Clony can let you clone yourself and make as much as three clones of yourself, and they can help you do just about anything!

<Kevin playing Video Games again>

Kevin: Why isn’t there someone else to play with me like I really want them to!

<Clone pops up beside Kevin>

Kevin: Woah, are you my clone?

Clone: I’m your clone.

Clone: Let’s play!

<They both start playing video games>

<Ethan looking upset>

<Ethan sighs>

Ethan: I really wish there was someone to take out the trash.

<Ethan’s clone pops up beside him>

Ethan: Hey... Can you help me take out the trash!

<Kevin still looking down wanting another shirt>

Kevin: I really want another one of these shirts!

<Clone pops up next to him>

Kevin: Woah! Can I have your shirt!

<Screen switches to a view of the product, price and phone number>

Narrator: The Clony is great but don’t just take it from us, take it from one of our satisfied customers! He sent us this video showing the Clony in action.

<Screen shows a boy playing drums>

Narrator: As you can see this boy is just playing his drums like any normal person, but he gets bored...

<Two clones pop up next to the boy one singing one playing guitar.>

Narrator: But wait now he’s got friends to play with him... well not friends clones. Another satisfied customer of the Clony!

<Screen switches to a view of the product, price and phone number>

Narrator: The Clony helps you with everyday tasks, plays games with you, and even gives you another shirt to wear.

Narrator: So get the Clony and call the number on your screen to get your own Clony for only three easy payments of $99.99!

Narrator: Because remember the Clony is the best cloning device there is, and beware of imitators we are the only cloning device that doesn’t have malfunctions and does a perfect clone every time!

Narrator: So call 1-800-55-CLONY that’s 1-800-55-CLONY!

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